Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ace Your Phone Interview

Phone interviewers are a useful tool for employers, the conversation helps screen candidates quickly and determines who is worthy of a face-to-face meeting.
Below are some helpful tips to help you
ACE your next phone interview!

  1. Practice proper phone etiquette: In a phone interview it is important that you speak slowly and clearly. Keep the "um's and you knows" to a minimum, and remember do not use slang or any other informal language. Keep it professional

  2. Know your resume: Have a copy of your resume, cover letter, and job description near you so you can use it as a reference. Remember never put anything on your resume that is not true.

  3. Think before you speak: Be sure to answer all the interview questions completely and thoughtfully. Do not interrupt the interviewer or begin answering the question before the interviewer is done speaking.

  4. Show your interest: Be sure to sound enthusiastic and excited about the job opportunity. Nobody wants to speak with someone who sounds dull.

  5. Next step: If the interviewer hasn't done so, be sure to ask what are the next steps in the interview process? Remember show your interest in the company!

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