Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Tell me about yourself."

By: Dominic Sheppard

The best answer should focus on the following three areas, your
Education, Experience and Skills. Call this your “Career Commercial.” It should last at least 1 minute and go no longer than 2 minutes. NOTHING PERSONAL – (Do not talk about the kids or where you were born.) Do not reveal anything personal such as your age, marital status or religion.

Always remember E, E, S. The best thing to do is write a short, organized statement of your Education, Experience and Skills and practice your pitch. You do not need to begin your commercial with: My name is Dominic Sheppard as they will have already made your acquaintance when you entered the room.

All the employer really wants to hear about is your qualifications for the job and the contributions you could make to the practice/clinic. Your Career Commercial should be thought about, written and then practiced a few times, preferably with someone else or in front of the mirror so that you can observe your own facial expressions and gestures. Trust me, it will help!!!

Good luck on your next interview and keep a cool, composed and confident posture as well as a positive attitude.

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