Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do not cross the Fine Line

By: Mary Cosme

There is a very fine line between expressing your personality and divulging unnecessary personal information. While the interview is designed for the interviewer to know you better, sharing too much may jeopardize your chances of getting hired.

Some of the things you shouldn’t share include: Your age, your marital status, your religious beliefs, Sexual orientation, Health concerns, family drama and living situation. You may read this and think “Duh!, this is common sense” but during an interview it is common for your nerves to lead you to make this simple mistake. Be mindful and aware of your answers and the impression you are giving. There are times when people share personal information without even realizing it. For example saying something like “20 years ago when I was a freshman in college” or “I started a family when I was eighteen and my daughter is already 12 years old”, or even saying “I have been praying to God for a job like this”. It is also common for someone who is experiencing personal struggles to become comfortable and share information about things that are better left unsaid. For example, your mom just kicked you out of her home, you are living in a shelter, your baby’s father is abusive and you are sick with no medical insurance and the interviewer asks you “tell me about a challenging experience”. It may seem like the perfect opportunity to share this with the interviewer, however it will only make you seem vulnerable, unorganized, weak, and not ready to handle the challenges of the position you are applying for.

To avoid making this mistake, make sure that everything you speak about during an interview is in some way related or relevant to the job you are applying for and that you always maintain a positive outlook.

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