Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Before Your Job Interview...

By: Felix O. Sanchez

You have just received a phone call from an employer in regards to a job interview, but are you really ready for it? In order to be fully prepared, you must do major research about the organization including years of operation, plans for the next 5 to 10 years, services they provide involving the community, company goals, and vision. You must also plan how to get to the employer’s location by using different modes of transportation and, if possible, take a trip there the day before your interview to get familiar with the area. Preparing the questions you will ask the employer, more likely at the end of the interview, will certainly help you to ace it - - - - not waste it. Another important part is to work on your business attire so that you could make an impact the very moment the interviewer lays eyes on you for the first time. Finally, you must practice, practice, and practice. Arrange a mock interview with a friend, or relative to build up your level of confidence and expectations. By doing so, you will show how seriously you are taking the interviewing process and the employer’s time.

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