Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to Network and Find a Job in the Medical Field

By Michael Franzese

Today’s job market can be very challenging in finding employment. Most companies are turning away from the simple job application from CareerBuilder, Indeed and Monster. The key to today’s job market is being prepared from the beginning to the end in order to successfully find employment and that begins with networking.

There are many websites people use today to advance themselves in their career and to stay ahead of the curve in finding employment opportunities. Below are some good sites to use to find Doctors/Medical Offices/Clinics in your area and the field you are most interested in.

Websites for networking:
  • www.doctorsdig.com
  • www.bookofdoctors.com
  • www.queensmd.org/qms/index.asp
  • www.clinicalsociety.org/index.htm
  • www.doctors.at
These are just a few of the many websites people use to find and network with Doctors throughout the five boroughs.

Another good way to network to find contacts in larger offices is through LinkedIn (www.LinkedIn.com) LinkedIn is a professional networking site designed for people to meet and network with people in all industries. There are many groups focused on health-care in the state of New York that would be good to join to meet other medical professionals. My advice is to create a profile and join as many groups as you can find. Here are some great groups.

LinkedIn Groups:
  • Health Care and Medical Positions Networking Group
  • Healthcare Leaders of New York (HLNY)
  • Medical Billing & Coding Forum
  • The Association of Healthcare Human Resources Administrators of Greater New York (AHHRA)
In all, these methods take time, hard work and perseverance. You will hear many negative responses from people you contact but it can take only one positive response to find that next job.

Best of luck in your career search!!

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