Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Career Services’ Workshops

By Dominic Sheppard

Workshops encourage cooperation and motivation among the participants and although the term workshop sometimes intimidates participants, at SBI-NYC we promote and host interactive workshops that are known for achieving positive results... Preparation of our graduates for the workforce. The real world!!! Once in a group setting most people tend to open up and share their experience as well as hear other people’s point of view. Participants are able to build on the ideas of others while learning from our sessions and our graduates have been successful in spring boarding their career onto the right path after attending a few of these workshops. Each workshop coordinated by Career Services is tailored to the needs of our students and graduates. Some of the workshops we host are Resume Writing, Interview Preparation and Job Search Techniques. There are also special circumstances that allow us to customize a training session with the partnership of an employer such as a clinic or company seeking medical personnel. Our Career Services team is equipped with the talent and resources to develop workshops to meet the needs of our students and graduates.

Our most recent workshop was a combination of a Clinical Review and our Interview Preparation where we worked closely with Dr. Peerzade to prepare our Medical Assistant graduates for an opportunity with a company that needed candidates to assist with Health Screenings. Companies like this visit our campus regularly and either hire candidates on the spot or select a group for another interview at their site. This is why we implore a professional attitude from our students and graduates at all times. Once you have been enrolled you have made the choice to be a medical professional and our ongoing workshops will assist in preparing you for employment.

Besides working in accord with Dr. Mohammed Peerzade, our Assistant Dean, we have also coupled our resources and efforts with Geneva-Marie Louis and Maria Merida our Pharmacy Technician and Medical Billing and Coding Program Directors respectively to provide a continuous series of workshops for our students and graduates. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming workshops.

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